Passion Tradition Excellence

These are the three keywords which added to love for an extraordinary animal, have made the Arabian Valley Stud foundation possible.

In 1988, with the acquisition of five stud mares and their foals, selected within the best blood lines throughout East Europe and Middle East, the Sanchi family challenge takes shape. This task will bring them to initiate the breeding selection of Arabian thoroughbred, widely considered as the horses of horses, the breed that more than any other comes near to human sense.

Arabian Valley Stud is born with the goal of breeding, with accurate selection, subjects that are to become optimum partners in competition,as well as playmates and good company, capable of adaptation to any horseman and, above all, reaching the excellence that turns a subject into a champion.

The Sanchi family has clear ideas right from the beginning, breeding with passion and perseverance these magnificent subjects in a wide, natural and healthy environment. The Arabian Valley Stud estate is located in the beautiful frame of Valconca where the ten hectars of the property are fully dedicated to their home jewels where the Arabian thoroughbreds are free, for most of the season, to stroll, be nurtured and live in the open air, in a bind-free environment.
This of course permits a better raining of foals, their most untroubled psychological condition and the clostest contact with human beings.

The stable, challenged by love and passion for horses, puts at a first place it's health and serenity, in a natural setting, managing in this way to obtain an optimum developement of foals which comes to be homogeneous, healthy and long lasting.

Arabian thoroughbred represents an example of style, resistance, appeal and beauty, above any other equine breed, capable of transmitting emotions ans sensations which are above rational boundaries.
This is the mission that the Sanchi stud farm has undertaken; the objective was not to obtain winning subjects but to reach stability in the breeded subjects, placing solid fundaments for a winning and coordinate farming strategy.

What surprises during contact with the Arabian thoroughbred is the extraordinary binomial synergy that creates between man and animal, detail which is accurately taken care of at the stable.
Foals are readily approached from operators with playful methods, so as to capture their trust during the very first months and therefore encourage their tranquility.

For its nature, the Arabian breed demonstrates unparalleled faith towards man, succeeding in profound interaction, forming a perfect bond and responding at maximum levels when performance is requested.

This incredible feeling between man and animal has been the lymph that has nurtured the growth of the stud farm, stimulating passion within the Sanchi brothers in the pursuit of ambitious goals and difficult selections.

This breeding philosophy has imediately proved to be succesful, obtaining unexpecxted results during the first years of activity.
Comparisons with the rest of the country and Europe have been hard and very heavy, but satisfaction while placing winning horses right from the start has been thoroughly rewarding.

Succeeding in breeding of foals like Baykal, Dudinka, Baley, Dohassai has not been easy to obtain becouse of the necessary sacrifice and commitment, but seeing them come before all the others in virtue of their characteristics of morphological exellence has been incredibly satisfying, while loading the team with energy to dedicate to the developement of the stud farm.

This commitment is leading the stud farm to a continuous expansion, always searching for new lines of selections within stallions from all over the worls to confirm the already excellent characteristics of our stud mares.

Pursueing, growing and winning, together with these beautiful species is and will always be the primary goal of the Sanchi family who since years has emerged for the love and dedication towards this fantastic animal which is is the Arabian thoroughbred.